About Benjamin Samaey

General information

About me

Creator of Robusmedia and currently  working full-time as an independant web-developer. I am also running some side-projects and businesses on the internet. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family & friends, I play -board-games now and then, and I read eBooks.
Books mostly about, what I think, are important areas of life, like; Fitness, Dating & Relationships, Business & Financial matters, Marketing…

These interests of me can be found in the navigation bar on top of my website. I’ve also made a list of books that had the most value on my life and decided to share these with you.

You’ll also find information about Fitness and other tips & tricks for your business on my Blog, all for free.

I do all of this mostly for myself, so I can improve as a human being and excel in the things I find most important in life.

The importance of Personal Branding

Why this website?

Because... personal branding!

A simple website about a guy called Benjamin Samaey, that shares his interest with the world and shows what he’s doing. How ego-centered and crazy is that, huh? Not that crazy at all. 

Do me a favor and Google your own name.
Do you like what you’re seeing in the search results? Do you think it helps you create more sales or get a job? For most people it doesn’t. In fact, it only makes it worse.

You may be an amazing person with an extraordinary company, however one negative review about you or your company could result in losing sales. 

On the bright side, all of this can be controlled and edited. =)

Personal Branding & Reputation management is an upcoming trend

Before people do business with you, before someone employs you, before someone starts a relationship with you… Before ANY important decision, People will look for information about you! They want to know who you are and what you do and/or did in the past.

"Relationship building these days is easy for me. Most people come to me. They read my stuff, they see that I'm legit, and they trust me before we even meet"

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